2018 UK Trip – Day 10

June 23, 2018

We started out our competition this morning with session one. We started off pretty well. Not wonderful but not bad. The first few races were a good test of the ponies and we got a feel for what we were going to be working with.

Now – let me just say before you click on any video link – if you do want to watch any video and you don’t plan to watch much, skip to session 2.

Your worst options are session 1 parts two and three. Really, just skip those. I am not sure I should even include them. But for the sake of full disclosure, record keeping, and I am not sure why, I did include them. But yeah, maybe skip over those.

Session 1 video part 1/3

Now let’s talk about session one in a bit more detail. We started out ok. Our speed weavers was not too bad. Sock wasn’t too bad and out hug a mug was passable. But our litter was a mess. We know that. But I am really happy with association. This race had a lot of disaster potential and it went pretty well.

Unfortunately it went down hill some from there.

session 1 video part 2/3

You might not want to watch the last two races. Our founders is not very pretty. Sadie had some navigating issues and Caroline took a tumble. She’s ok though.

I seriously suggest not watching the third part of session one. It’s only bank race and it’s just all bad. Us and another team got the whistle blown on us. Yeah, bad.

session 1 video part 3/3

recap – Session one started out ok but got bumpy, and then bumpier and then melted down. But we went into the ring not really knowing what to expect and we came out with a much better understanding and a game plan for session 2.

It is gorgeous out here today.

And we are parked right next to the ring!

And there are dogs to play with ring side while we watched Olivia play.

And now it’s time to tack back up for session 2. Grace is in for her session 2.

She is riding off lead this weekend! Go Grace!

Scores after session 1

video of session 2 – except for the first race / high low.

Session two was so much better. There were still some issues but all in all it was much better. The team was more relaxed and receptive. Their skills were cleaner and smoother.

I love this. Spectators view. Wine, dogs, sitting in the pony corral watching the games.

This pony looks a lot like DJ too.

And interestingly – this is our view from the camper slightly to the right. Slightly to the left is the ring! The gate to the ring is smack in front of us.

We swung by Gemma’s lorry to pick up a few goodies to take home for some friends. Very exciting.

Sian took this photo of Eliza on Wispa.

There was a little confusion when it came to picking out Chinese food. The menu is different from what they are used to.

Amy and I went to pick up the food, and we saw these trash cans. It reminded me of the bear proof trash cans near home. But in New Forest they have wild ponies instead of bears.

We picked up food for quite a few people.

It is now time for the (not so) silent disco. The team went and checked out head phones which seem to have a good range. They just checked back in at the camper (which is right by the ring, food stand, bathrooms and entertainment center) to show them to Emma and I. They have different stations and a light on the side changes color to show which station you are listening to. Really neat.

When I say not-so-silent I specifically mean that we are parked in the center of a very loud area with lots of singing and enthusiastic games people.

Of course I had to slip over and take a peek at the festivities and check out the fun for myself. I found the team with Amy, dancing and singing on the edge of the crowd, having a great time.

Now that I am looking at the photo I snapped of them I wonder if Eliza realizes that the backwards peace sign has an actual meaning over here? Something tells me she really did mean peace ✌️, she just had her hand backwards.

I have walked back to the camper to finish typing this and Cotton Eyed Joe must be playing on one of the stations at the moment. There must be 100 or more people singing it together. With a slew of heavy accents and headphones on everyone, let me just say, it sounds lovely. 😆

I think there are now 200 people singing along to the music with headphones on. That must mean it’s time to sign this blog off for day 10 and put my own headphones on.

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