Winter Games Practice with the Possum

January 29, 2018

We had a two week break from group practices (one week due to weather) in which I schooled at a more local indoor. The footing is still too rough to ride at home. Last week it was all ice, then mud and now we are expecting more rain and snow.

I also managed to get the trailer pretty stuck on the ice which turned to mud. A week later I managed to get the trailer out but then got the truck totally stuck. It was sheer joy and lots of mud. (Note sarcasm)

This past Sunday we returned to our schedule of Sunday group practices. We had a good crew, Val, Carly, Jenny on a trial pony and Jessie dropped in for a quick spin too.

Jenny’s trial pony took to games like he’s always been playing, game face on and ready to roll. Being a former high school rodeo pony I am sure this was right in line for him. He was a bit too tall for Jenny, but would make a nice rocket 🚀 for someone taller. He sort of reminded me of Genevieve’s appy Rubin but in a Hildogo color.

Val rode the pony she has in for training and that little mare looked great. Val has done a great job with her.

My little Possum was a complete joy to ride and I am so pleased with his progress. This week I put some work into leading away from the sick/tool/hoopla pile and around the mounting block. This was a two stepper. One was to lead away which he was a bit confused about. Per Jenny’s advice I carried a crop and gave him a little tap tap which seemed to help click the skill into place for him. Then there is the part where he needs to auto go around the block while I run up it, then stop and stand for a mount before moving off. He wanted me to lead him around and wasn’t flowing in his own. But by the end of practice he seemed to get that. Huge improvement from the pony who wouldn’t go to the mounting block a month ago.

I am also feeling. Super good about my leans in stuff like hi low and hoopla. Giving myself a pat on the back here.

Next Sunday is the Popsicle Pairs so let’s hope the weather holds out so we can get Possum to his first mini competition.

A little video montage.

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