Three solid rides in a row!

February 11, 2019

About time I was able to get in three days of riding back to back. This winter has just been killing my rides. Even with indoors twice a week I sadly am not getting in nearly enough rides.

Friday evening I took Possum and met Jenny with her new pony for his first ride at Willow Spring’s indoor in Edinburg.

Possum was super pleased to be riding. He’s always in a good mood and willing to ride but Friday he was sort of excited about it. I spent a little time working on his right side. He is very unbalanced in that direction and he has difficulty picking up and maintaining his right lead. This will be a major priority as I am able to get in some flat work at home.

Saturday morning I took Simon on an early trail ride starting out from Massanutten Visitor Center. We took the Wildflower trail down to the closed picnic area and then out the back along the fire road, orange to pink blaze.

Simon is the most out of shape he has been since I have owned him. We went out about 2- 2 1/2 miles or so and turned around where the trail was blocked by downed trees and returned the 2 – 2 1/2 miles. The down trees were on the trail along the side of the mountain and I was unable to move any of it enough to get through. The trail has been recently cleared for the first half but I suppose no one has made it that far out to do clearing. But it was very pleasant. And a light easy ride for Simon to start getting better conditioned on.

Sunday Possum and I were off to Almeda Farm’s indoor for another winter games practice. We had a particularly good turn out for this session, especially considering how cold it was. The usuals, Val, Carly, Jenny, and myself were there and we were joined by Linda, Karen, and another new friend.

Jenny’s new pony was a real super star. He took right to the job. Everyone else was their usual awesome selves. Possum was amazing. I think some things came together for him at the Popsicle Pairs. He seemed to connect what we had been practicing to the actual format of games. And again, like Friday, he was really happy about riding and was really enjoying himself.

It is staying light out till close to 6pm now. So maybe I can manage in a few more rides at home if the weather cooperates.

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