Day 4 – London – International Trip 2019

August 10, 2019

This is our last full day in London and is going to be extra cool.

Today we are splitting into two groups. The Harry Potter fans and the not Harry Potter fans.

The first group is Jesse, Mikayla, Abby R and Krista.

The second group is Sadie, Abby F and Carly.

Since the play – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – is a more dressy occasion we had some makeup sessions to go with the dressier clothes.

Everyone was a good sport and laughed through the experience.

Made up ladies.

And off we went on our respective trips.

The Harry Potter crew.

Before the first show started.

That’s Abby and Mikayla before the first show started.

The stage at the end of the first show.

Our dinner was subpar so we got ice cream.

The stage before the second show started.

Everyone loves the show. It was amazing. Mikayla said it was “a thousand times better than I even expected! In the second show the twists came in and I was yelling the whole time!”

The London Experience crew.

This crew walked 14 miles and went up 59 flights of steps.

Carly’s shirt is actually one color. The two tone is sweat! They hoofed it!

They came across this cool art set up where anyone could draw with chalk.

They waited for it to get dark so they could see the tower bridge lit up.

They also did the London bridge experience and the haunted house. I am told it was super scary and Carly was the tail of the line with scary people coming up behind her.

They also did the Museum of London, broke into a ports pot, and got blisters on their feet. Sadie claims her feet are swollen and I gather that Carly walked them literally out of their shoes today. Now that I think about it, it is actually pretty quiet in here.

All in all it was a great day for all. And tomorrow we depart the city! Woo!

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