Day 3 – London – International Trip 2019

August 9, 2019

After a quick breakfast we went for a wonder about town and hit up the market again.

Then we had a little grooming session

Abby did a fantastic job trimming up Mikayla’s hair. How pretty.

A little time spent in the chill out room at the hostel.

Next we planned to do the Jack the Ripper walking tour but we made the mistake of waiting u til a few hours before the tour to purchase tickets and it was sold out.

Fortunately it started to down pour and the tour would have sucked. So we went for a nice sit down dinner as consolation.

And here are is a snap of our current digs.

Pub downstairs, hostel upstairs.

Now we are planning out tomorrow’s outings. It is our last day in London and we are splitting up and doing two separate adventures. We have tickets to both outings purchased and are mapping out our travel routes now.

Keep following us as our adventures continue!

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