Day 2 – London – International Trip 2019

August 8, 2019

After a quick breakfast at our hostel we walked a few blocks to hop on a roof top bus tour.

This is a sign in our hostel from the hostel section to the pub section. I’m loving this hostel.

We did a little sign seeing on our way to the bus.

We hopped on and off a few times.

The horse kept grabbing at Carly’s backpack.

We had to eat.

Pub food.

Sadie got the wings.

Back on the bus

This is the tower bridge.

Tower bridge

When we made it back we went for bubble waffles for dinner. #worthit

We made a quick stop at Pound Land. I attempted to video the self check out which was voiced by Yoda. But I sick at phone video and it was a complete fail.

And we are back to our room to relax and get an early bedtime tonight.

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