Day 1 – London – International Trip 2019

August 7, 2019

We landed!

Some underground trains and a little walking and we arrived at our hostel, St Christopher’s. It was too early to check in but they were kind enough to let us leave our bags and we were off for a surprisingly amazing breakfast at Music and Beans just down the street.

Next we went out on a stroll around the neighborhood.

Next we visited the Camden Market. There are tons of artists selling their crafts and endless things to looks at. The food smells amazing. This market just goes on and on and on. One section is called “The Stable” and I suspect it was an old stable. Super neat.

We were all about to drop and it was getting close to check in so we headed back to our Hostel and made it into our room. Initial impression; awesome. There are plugs at the head of each bed for charging and lights, we have our own bathroom in our room, and the mattresses are way better than previous hostels I have stayed in. Once we picked beds and sat down it got quiet real fast.

Here is the view from my bunk while I type this.

Nap time.

And then out for a traditional fish and chips (with a shared side of mushy peas) at Poppie’s. So good. Everyone ate their plates nearly clean.

Then back to the hostel for showers and bed.

While the girls showered Carly and I slipped down to the pub for a drink and a relaxing chat.

Tomorrow the adventure continues.

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