Day 6 – Northern Wales – International Trip 2019

August 13, 2019

We woke up in gorgeous northern Wales today. It was our first night’s sleep in the caravan and I was surprised at how comfortable it was, compared to previous caravans. although the seating for hanging out and eating sort of sucks.

We started the day with some breakfast.

And then we went for a walk on the beach. There were giant jellyfish all over the beach. Super cool

Next we did some regrouping, prepped for laundry, ate lunch, and stopped by the campground playground.

This campground is lovely. Really comfortable and pretty. And beach sounds. Oh and the drinking water tastes amazing. It’s the small things.

Carly took the team on a walk along the beach to a cute stone town and spent the afternoon exploring.

Then back for showers, sorting clean laundry, dinner and a movie before bed as an evening shower rolled in.

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