Day 7 – On the Road Again – International Trip 2019

August 14, 2019

Today was another day of travel. This time back to England and to World Individuals. We have a couple friends riding that we want to cheer on and a few other friends we are excited to see.

We arrived around 430 to a nice muddy field and met up with Amy and Garrin.

We also met up with our USA friends and chatted with Patti, Wendi, Bonnie and Todd while Kaja, Jaycee, and Joe had a practice on their ponies.

Mikayla was team chef and made us all some pasta for dinner.

Followed by Abby F making everyone hot chocolate.

Then we goofed around and did a little dancing. You can’t quite tell but it’s Abby R, Jesse, and Amy.

We all laughed until pretty late before deciding to get some sleep.

Interesting note – Abby R is our team engineer and is taking care of all the camper needs. She’s been a real champ. We have dubbed her “team dad”.

Everyone is doing an excellent job pulling their weight, doing chores, cleaning up after their own self and each other, and being fun and considerate.

And tomorrow, our adventure continues.

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