Day 9 – Moving to Next Gen Champs – International Trip 2019

August 16, 2019

I posted yesterday’s blog before the night fully closed out and we must relay the before bed popcorn experience. The team *needed* popcorn and although Abby F brought microwave popcorn, our camper does not have a microwave. Mikayla improvised and made popcorn on the stove with assistance by Abby F.

Nothing burned and the camper smelled super yummy. And there was a happy team of popcorn eaters.

We woke up today to a light drizzle and time to clean up and pack up for our most exciting move of the trip.

“I love pickles” – Mikayla

After leaving the individuals show ground we went to Harley Equestrian tack store.

Then we hit up the grocery store before arriving at the gorgeous Dallas Burston grounds.

Everyone has been telling us how nice this place is and they are not kidding. It is amazing.

We had tacos in the camper for dinner and a LOT of loud laughs.

Mikayla and Abby R went next door to hang out with the Dixon’s while Carly and I Tidied up and the other girls entertained us. And one of Krista’s really good old friends, Richard, popped in for a quick hello at the camper and gave us all an opportunity for some puppy lovin with his pooch Bilbo. But all in all it was an early night for this camp.

Tomorrow is the first day we will have a schedule during this trip requiring us to get up and get going. We are all so excited for it too. We have our briefing at 830 and then meet our ponies and then play some games! Check back with us tomorrow for all of the excitement.

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