Day 10 – Next Gen Rule the World Champs Saturday – International Trip 2019

August 17, 2019

Briefing was at 830, where we got super cool England gear! Thanks Emma!

We ran around checking out ponies and seeing what we had. It was a little confusing and clustered simply because some of the ponies were held up at World Individuals due to schedule changes and a few were deemed too strong.

We ended up with three ponies and then several different fourth ponies rotating from race to race. In some races we ran the same pony first and last swapping riders. This really threw everyone off and combined with the first session nerves, let’s just say it was a sloppy start.

We were lucky enough to ride on one of the manicured polo pitches. Huge! And the set up was super cool. The team rode into the field to their own theme song, “party in the USA” and the commentating was excellent. The atmosphere was laid back and everyone was super kind and supportive. Carly and I were both able to be back behind A with the team which was super helpful with all the pony changes and a few new races to play.

We finished much improved from our start, and standing in 5th ahead of Italy.

At lunch we had a pep talk and team chat and a little time to regroup. We spectated some of the Young Guns (leadline) and some of the hunt chase pairs. The pairs was taking place where we will be riding tomorrow.

Then it was retack, we added an adorable fourth pony named Bubbles and back to the ring.

Session two was immensely improved. We had the ponies better figured out and having four vs three ponies was a whole new game. The team rode so much better and we all left the ring smiling.

As a surprise the session finished out with the big sack race. Which was hilarious.

video (I am not aware if this came out in order of play). There are two.

We were able to spend some time socializing with new friends in camp and scarfed down some dinner before we headed out to Warwick Castle for the Dragon Slayer performance. Emma arranged a bus for everyone to pile into for the ride there and back.

(Carly and Jesse were holding our spot while the rest of us went for ice cream for the group).

The first part involved some jousting and knight play. The second part was in the castle court yard and was a lights display on the castle walls and fireworks.

We were exhausted when we got back and asleep pretty quick. N

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