Day 11 – Next Gen Rule the World Sunday – International Trip 2019

August 18, 2019

Sunday we had two session and Sadie was doing a session of Open Individuals.

The first session was not bad but we were back to three ponies and a fourth being rotated in and poor Royal was exhausted.

We are one lucky crew and some lovely new friends stepped up to help us out for the fourth session. Two riders from another division lent us their ponies and Leah loaned us her own pony from our division, making it so she couldn’t ride.

The kindness of everyone here has been mind blowing. In particular our new friend Amy is just outstanding. We are all super hopeful that she will bring her two daughters Leah and Poppy to ride over with us next year.

Between session 1 and session 2 Sadie rode in open Individuals on Lucas. She did super well and took the win!

Sadie in open Individuals

Session two was the best one, and we entered with five ponies! That alone thrilled the team. We spelled Royal and had three new ponies, as mentioned above.

Some type of weather squall rolled through during the session, it cold rained very briefly, and the winds which were already gusting picked up even more. And we played the last race with a rainbow in the background.

We finished in a respectable fourth overall after the four sessions and the team finished on a well played session.

This team rode so well. They went with the flow, hopping on any pony brought their way and riding right off into races. They kept smiles on their faces and good attitudes through out. I’m so proud of them.

Video with some of S3 and S4 races

we spent some time saying good byes as our new friends all packed up and left. We decided to stay put for the night and head out in the morning. So we all go showers and goofed around, and we are talking hard goofing for the rest of the night.

We only have a few days left of the trip and a the competition is over now but we still have some adventures to dive into.

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