Day 12 – Tack Shop and Castle – International Trip 2019

August 19, 2019

Time to leave the show grounds and dive into some other adventures. But first we needed to fill and empty various tanks, trash and do the dishes. The whole team pitched in and we were on the road before too long.

First we went to Wadswick Country Store – this is a big tack store. It has had a few additions since we last visited two years ago which means even more cool stuff. I think we all got something.

Then we drove into Wales and visited Ragland Castle. This is such a cool castle. Check out some of our photos.

After Ragland we drove on to Neath in Wales and stopped at The Angel Inn for the night. We had an excellent dinner finished off with some ice cream. This is a neat inn that is a lay point for hikers headed to the waterfalls. Hopefully we can check the falls out before we move on. They permit caravan primitive camping and thought we would be in a big “American” RV. Super super nice people and such a cute location, it is a real gem of a find.

We are all settled in for the night, being silly, and preparing for some sleep. Most of the team slept through the driving so I suspect it will be myself and Carly our for the night and them giggling until late. Earplugs for the win!

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