Day 13 – Black Mountain Activities – International Trip 2019

August 20, 2019

Here are our views out of the camper this morning.

This morning we had a lovely wake up greeting from Amy, who oh so kindly collected a few items of clothing for us that desperately needed a washing. She recommended the little cafe across the street for breakfast so we hopped over and indulged.

Oh boy was she right. I had the traditional Welsh breakfast. Yum.

After breakfast Amy swung by again on her way to collect Garrin, Jesse and Mikayla rode along with her. When they got to Garrin’s farm they took the 4 wheeler out to find a missing sheep.

Here are a few video clips they grabbed.

When the four of them got back we all headed off to Black Mountain Activities and did a ropes course!

On the way there we drove through Brecon – I think it was a national park, and there were sheep and welsh ponies all over the rolling mountains. It was gorgeous. On the drive back rain rolled in and it was a different kind of gorgeous.

This was the warm up. The goal was to club around the whole building without stepping off. Sadie got the closest to completing.

Warm up obstacle video:

The first obstacle was a race up the cargo net.

Obstacle 1, cargo net video:

The second and third obstacles were walking different lines.

The fourth obstacle was the leap of faith

We have 6 videos of obstacles 2/3/4 compiled.

Obstacle 4 is the second half of video 5 and al of video 6.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

And finally there was a zip line.


We finished the evening off with dinner at The Old White Horse Inn.

It was a really fun day.

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