We Need a 5th Rider

I am starting to get pumped up for the new games season.  Wooo! 

I love the people I ride with.  Linda, Kim and Carol Ann are the best teammates.  We have tons of fun together and have our whole hand signal, when to push each other and when to laugh at each other type of stuff worked out. 

Ideally we would like to have a fifth rider, someone that fits in competitively and likes to have fun.  If someone comes along we are ready to scoop them up asap (hint hint).  But our division is still growing and there’s not that many people that don’t already have a team to ride on. 

As I see it we have two realistic options. 

  1. Find someone that is already a strong rider but new to the sport of mounted games that is ready to dive in and kick some butt.  Train them up and outfit them in some of our team gear.
  2. Get someone that used to play but hasn’t in a long time and remind them how much fun it is and convince them to come practice with us.  One practice is bound to get them re-hooked and want to ride with us. 

Here is a video of us at the last competition in 2011, the Mid-Atlantic Series #5 at PG Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland in October.

The weekend was really muddy from start to finish.  This was probably the driest it got all weekend, in our second session on Saturday.  We are playing 4 flag, which involves riding to the end of the field (where the video taper is), selecting a flag, and then ride to a metal holder.  The 4 holes in the holder are color coded and you must slide the flag you selected into the matching slot. 

You know you want to ride with us.  Look at how awesome we are!    

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