Kicking off the Games Season

In just a few days Simon and I will be at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo, in Harrisburg, PA.  We will be riding, with our mounted games team as part of a demo competition for MGAA, Mounted Games Across America.  MGAA also has a booth that will be operating Thursday through Sunday. 

Tomorrow morning Simon and I are driving up to teammate, Linda’s  house.  Then Linda, myself and our teammate Kim will get together to have a practice and get our ponies cleaned up and show ring presentable.  It should be a fun day! 

Friday morning we will be driving up to the expo and working the MGAA booth all day along with a few other friends.  I am looking forward to checking out the facility and looking at all the cool booths.  I am also very excited to talk about MGAA and mounted games all day long. 

Saturday we will be loading the ponies and driving up to take part in the expo.  We are riding at 4pm, so if you happen to be there, be sure to cheer us on.  We are team Old School and will be dressed in navy with yellow.  One of the best parts about mounted games is that as a spectator you can cheer really loud and pick a team to support. 

Ill be sure to blog about the experience next week.  I am excited to ride in such a different type of venue, but I am also excited to take part in it with my team.  It’s a cool way to kick off the games season!

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