Cub Run ~ Runkles Gap, After the Burn

Simon happy to greet us in the morning.

Simon spent the night in the dog yard and nickered at the house every time he heard me or Rich in the house.  Rich put up a saw horse and bin of dirt to keep him from pushing his way into the actual house.

I find it a funny that Simon is in the dog yard, and Daisy is in the background outside of the dog yard. You can also see part of our garden in the background behind the dogyard in its own fence.

In the morning we got tacked up and headed off to one of our regular quick ride spots, Cub Run at Runkles Gap.  It had burned due to arson recently and had just opened back up.

This is what Cub Run looked like while it was burning. 

Upon entering National Forest there is a fire road that bares off to the right.  Below the road is mostly private property.  Above the road is National Forest.  It mostly burned above the road.  The fire only hopped the road in a few spots, and we could see evidence of the forest service cutting the forest to prevent it from spreading on that side where it did skip over.

It was a nice, relatively short ride.  I am interested to return sometime this summer and see how the forest recovers.

Rich took a turn riding Simon.

We saw this turtle crossing the fire road.

There is a lot of dumping at Cub Run.  You can see tons of bottles here that survived the fire.  Gross.

We stopped at this swim spot on our way back out.

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