Simon The Entertainer – 2012

Memorial weekend, my mounted games team took part in a USMGA competition in Ranson, West Virginia at the Jefferson Fairgrounds.  A lot of the competitors, including teammate, Carol Ann, and I camped out at the grounds with our ponies.  Carol Ann and I erected temporary paddocks for Simon, and Carol Ann’s pony Zeke. 

Zeke and Simon in their portable pens

We usually camp at our competitions and we put the ponies in portable paddocks when the grounds we are at permit it.  It saves the cost of a stall and bedding and it also allows our ponies to move around and stretch out a little more.  Our fence is electrified, although I forgot to turn mine on for most of the weekend and Simon respected it just fine anyway. 

Cowboy barrowing some much needed nap time in Zeke’s pen

It is nice to wake up to a happy pony face and a welcoming nicker, although Simon woke us up the first morning at 5am.  He had dumped his water bucket and was tossing it around and kicking it continuously.  Like an alarm clock.  I eventually had to get up to stop him.  He would stand with it underneath of him and then alternate knocking it with his front and back hooves.  Every time I filled up his bucket he would take a quick sip and then dump it and begin tossing the bucket around.  I took it away from him after the first night and offered it to him frequently throughout the day so he would stay hydrated and quiet. 

5am wake up call from alarm Simon

He also managed to drag his feed bin, which was left just outside of his pen, into the enclosure and stomped it.  And he did the same with his lead rope.  He looked very smug when I got up. 

In typical Simon fashion he attempted to entertain himself by entertaining us all weekend.  He would lay down and graze, roll around and then look to see if we were watching.  On several occasions he would flop on his side and flap his tail.  He nickered at us continuously, and meticulously spread every flake of hay I gave him all around his pen. 

One day I left his navy and yellow petal boots on between sessions and he pulled the petals out with his teeth.  When I went to get him ready for the next session I found 6 ripped up petals on the ground and several destroyed but still attached.  I learned my lesson on that one.  Cha ching.


I believe Simon enjoys these events and being able to be as close to us as possible.  He certainly enjoys the extra attention and I am sure would happily attempt to force his body into my tent at night if I would allow him.  He is such a people pony.

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