Salty Simon – 2012

Following up on yesterday’s blog post, I pulled Simon out of his pen and tied him to the trailer several times during the weekend.  

Not the most flattering photo, it makes him look short necked and looong backed.

When I first traveled with Simon I brought along a small stall/travel sized salt block and put it in a small bucket for him to enjoy throughout the stay.  He immediately dumped it and smashed the salt into the ground.  I did not replace it knowing that he would just do it again.  I thought about buying one of the much more costly Himalayan pink salt blocks that comes on a rope so I could tie it up and prevent him from destroying it.  But they are quite pricey.  I am glad I did not indulge because I was at a horse and tack auction last fall and they had these same blocks up for auction.  I bid and picked one up for $2, new in box.  A fraction of the retail cost!  Score. 


I have since kept it hooked up in the trailer for Simon to enjoy during trailer rides.  He does tend to get in a few licks when we get back to the trailer from a trail ride, although I am not sure if Simon licks it because he feels the need for salt, or because it’s just something to do.  Regardless, it was a good purchase that gets lots of use. 

I kept the salt on a rope hooked up to the trailer for him, along with a hay bag and a bucket of water.  He spent a lot of time licking the salt, as well as bashing his bucket around, blowing bubbles in the water, pulling out the hay and dropping it on the ground, and other such nonsense.

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