Simon Cannot Stand on 2 Legs

Wednesday afternoon I was picking out Simon’s hooves when he tried to stomp a fly with one of the three hooves he still had on the ground.  Normal he is quite talented at standing on two hooves, but he got something wrong this time and started to fall over.  To catch himself he smashed the hoof I was holding up into the ground, with the pointy, iron shod toe, smashing directly into my big toe (I did have jodhpur boots on) 


No really, major ouch! 

I hopped around for a few minutes, feeling like I was going to barf, but managed to get him tacked up and climbed on for a ride.  I cut is short as my boot started to feel uncomfortably tight in the toe region, and pulled my boot off. 

Here is a photo of my broken big toe, which is very hurty but appears straight and a little purple, but is otherwise in good order. 

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