Virginia Horse Festival 2015

April 2, 2015

Last weekend was the Virginia Horse Festival at the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia and MGAA had a demo slot!

We have been enjoying excellent spring weather, but this day was cold and extremely windy. Way colder than I, or anyone else probably expected. It was so blustery that we were not expecting spectators to turn out. But luckily we were wrong and after the first few races our bleachers started to fill in! Yea!

MGAA turned out mixed division teams. Each one having an array of Masters, Intermediate and Fossil riders taking part. It was really neat to ride with riders from different divisions. I think it would be fun to do this again. My team had my usual teammate Zoe, myself, intermediate Rider Steph and Masters riders Mackenzie and Jordan. We played about 15 races, taking turns sitting out. For my riding I was pretty pleased. I was certainly slower than I needed to be but I went mistake free. I was also reminded of how much I love Poe. He was awesome. And dang he enjoyed himself. I was pleased with both of our performances.

No points were kept, and everyone just ran the races having a great time. Stacey did an outstanding job as chief Ref, and everyone played well. Kathy and Dave did tag team commentating, explaining what we were doing in each race and talking about the different riders and ponies.  Speaking for everyone there, I think we all had fun.  After our demo there were a lot of questions and interest was shown and our riders stuck around to talk to anyone interested. I think we might have left an impression on a few. I even found some photos taken by spectators and put up on Instagram last night. That was cool.

Photos: Shelby A

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