I Misplaced Simon 

March 30, 2015

Sometimes in the evening I have been letting Simon out in the yard to “mow the grass”.  Today when I went to put him back in he was gone. I called his name, Poe whinnied for him and still no Simon. I checked the paddocks and riding field. No Simon.  Of course I assumed the worst; He had to have run down our long driveway and crossed the road to visit the neighbor’s field of Arabriens. 

I jumped in my truck and took off. And before I got even a little ways down the drive, there he was. Just behind a few trees from the yard in a hay field. He walked up to my truck, I clipped his lead on and drove slowly back up the drive, leading him through the window. Goof. 



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  1. Reblogged this on K'Cadences and commented:
    Naughty Simon.
    Have you ever lost a beloved animal but did whatever it took to find them again? I have a couple of stories that at the time, were fearful but it all turned out well and- thank goodness- laughable. How about you?


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