Bear Trap Exploration

Bear Trap, Ridge Top exploration

Trail Report: December 18, 2011

On this ride I did some exploration at Bear Trap and took some photos to make things a little clearer.  Its mostly the same ride as the one I did on December 4th and listed here on December 13th.

Here is a quick shot from the fire road entrance of the parking.  You can see I just pulled over on the side of Bear Trap Rd.


Hack in along the fire road, barking dogs to the left, and continue to a year round creek crossing.

Then up a slight incline in the fire road and around a few bends to the this spot.  there is a smallish parking spot on the left followed by the trail entrance.

Over some mounts in the start.

And then around some bends and over a few more mounds.

It really could be a fire road, don’t you think?

Or maybe just a wide trail that’s become over grown.

Eventually it comes to a circle that has an old fallen tree in it.

There is a very over grown trail to the left that I haven’t really tried to go more than a little ways on.  its just too over grown.

And there is a trail to the right, that’s very fire road like.  but it is hard to access because of the large mound with low hanging branches over it.

Or you can head straight over the big mounds and up the mountain.

Closer up to the mounds

It gets steeper and steeper as you go.

At the top the trail comes to a T on the ridge top.

The tree is marked with a spray paint line visible when reversing the ride and making a left to go down the mountain.

Some one piled up some marker sticks to help prevent missing the turn.

It would be really easy to miss from the top.  Usually I go right, but this time I went left to see what there is to see.  It is not as used and it’s a bit more over grown.  There are two really nice look out points.

Simon took a break and got in a good scratch on some trees while me and the dogs climbed up on the first one for a quick look around.

The second lookout point is a large rock pile.  The trail goes straight over it, but there is a less distinguished trail that passes below it.

A little farther on I called it quits.  The trail had become more and more over grown and eventually ended at what would be  a nice camp spot.  There was a smallish rock set up ornamental style.

I headed back to where I came up the mountain and headed straight ahead (which is where I would normally would have gone). I passed some sights like these branch square things.

Eventually the trail pops out on the fire road.  Here is what the trail looks like from the fire road.

Just a super short ride on the fire road brings you to the next bend (left) and a trail on the right.

It seems they have replaced the previous wooden sign with this little green tree tag.

And yellow blazes along the trail

Ride down the hill for a while.  And eventually hit the fire road again.  The wooden sign also appears to have been removed from this end and replaced with a green tree tag.

And then back out to Bear Trap road and head on home.


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