New Year’s Auction – 2012

I spent Sunday, at the annual New Year’s day sale up at Eylers Horse Auction in Thurmont, Maryland.  I went up with a couple friends and saw a bunch of other friends up there.  It was a fun way to start the year off. 

There were 160 something plus horses for sale, some trailers and tons of tack and gear.  I did not find a new companion for Simon.  None of the ponies fit my oh-so-specific criteria.  There was a Haflinger that was pretty close, but a few inches too tall for me.  It would have been a great new pony for my teammate Kim or friend Kelly, but his price tag ended up going a bit too high.  Linda grabbed up a new pony though, so we didn’t go home with an empty trailer. 

I did get some new barn items for just a few bucks.  A few simple things like a lead rope, hay bag, rope cowboy halter, horse ball for Ash dog and I got this really cool super long bridle rack.  I am getting ready to have the barn to myself again so I am looking forward to reorganizing my tack and gear and straightening it all up and that bridle rack will come in handy! 

As far as horse auctions go, I feel like Eylers is the more productive one for me to attend.  They have bimonthly sales with a pretty good turnout.  I grew up pretty close to it and could go up frequently.  I got my little old pony Osh Kosh there about 15 years ago, and he turned out to be worth every freaking penny I paid for him.  I know a lot of other good ponies that came through there too.  The facility is pretty nice, has a riding ring out back with all weather footing and jumps.  Every horse gets a fresh coggins pulled by a vet on grounds, the barns are well lit and it’s a well run established venue. 

It’s a good 2 ½-3 hours drive for me now so I only go once in a while, but I always see some friends and have a good time. 

The auctions that are more local to me are much smaller.  The last half dozen times I have gone to the closest one, the Orange Auction, which is about 45 minutes to an hour from me, it only had six to twelve horses.  There is no place to ride them, except on the gravel parking lot, and the barns are so dark and dank that it’s hard to see.  There is also a twice yearly Rockingham County auction which is just around the corner for me.  But it’s on Memorial and Labor day, and I am often busy on those days. 

Maybe Ill plan a trip back up to Eylers in the next two months while I am taking some time off from the farmers market.  It’s nice to spend time with my friends over the winter when we are not riding together.  And if I do see a pony I am interested in, I have lots of friends to help make an educated decision to bid or not.

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