Yea for Poe!

June 27, 2013

I think I have already made it pretty clear that I am really enamored with Poe.  But here I go again.  I love this pony.  He is such a good fit for me.  He is fun and affectionate and playful.  He is easy on the ground and loves attention.  I feel comfortable on him.  He is fun to ride, and have I mentioned how smart he is?  Yep, he is one smart pony.

Yesterday I did some neck reining drills and he made some progress.  Today I figured there would be a little back-step, but not so.  I cantered through mug shuffle and could adjust his angle with just a little neck reining.  He was also weaving poles (which is what I base the neck reining training drill on) by neck reining.  I did some small circles at a walk and trot and although it still required some direct reining, he was responding to my leg and neck rein direction as well.

Yea for Poe!








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