Day 9 – Session 3 and the Final

August 4, 2013

To start the day off I picked up 9 sets of sword rings and one set of flags. Yea! Then it was time to ride.

Session 3 was not too bad, just a few stupid mistakes. All in all I would say season 2 was the best out of the three.

Sammi, Julia and Megan are particularly well matched with their ponies. Leah had a slow pony so she switched to Annie’s pony for a few races which is also a fantastic pony. The handoffs were on, it was mostly being out legged combined with the few mistakes being a few too many.

It started to rain pretty heavy towards the end of the six race heat and I stuck around to work assistant ref for the next heat. Everyone was pretty much soaked and we spent some time warming up and drying off and watching the video of some of the riding.

Of course there was some more socializing. And we did get to watch Mackenzie’s final. I also stuck around for the A final while the team mucked stalls and packed up for the trip home later. I really enjoyed the A final. Fantastic riding.

We ended in the E final, slipping over the F one. And ended in 4th in the session. It was on grass unlike the previous sessions and the ground was a bit rough. They took it easy on turns and played very cleanly. I was really happy with their ride and think it was the best one for them of the weekend.

Then it was pack up, load up and head out. Colin drove Juliet’s Lory and I rode shotgun with Leah and Host Megan in the back. The rest if the team piled into Rob’s Lory. And juliet and Sean took the horse van.

On the way home we stopped for fuel and food and a guy was being arrested in the parking lot. There was a helicopter and everything.

We all got back safe and sound and crashed into bed as quickly as possible.

Welsh champs was awesome.

We had a long break after the ride









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