Val and Spike

June 16, 2016

Val came over to ride with me on Monday!  She rode Spike and they were amazing together.  Val whipped him through bending, 3 mug, mug shuffle, two flag and litter.  She was particularly flying through 3 mug and knocking my socks off.  That tends to be a rather complicated race for a pony new to it, but you would never have thought that watching Val and Spike.  Val really wowed me with her mad skills and riding ability.  I have only seen her on her normal pony Sprite for so long that I almost forgot how awesome she is.  And did I mention she just had a baby four weeks ago?

Val and Spike make one hot pair.  And it felt natural seeing her on a white Arab type since that’s what her long time pony Sprite is (I mean really, they almost have the same name).

Paint me impressed.

Here is a quick video of them going through two flag followed by two fun iphone pics.



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