England and Wales August 2015

July 29, 2015

You might have noticed (but probably did not) that I added a new category to this blog page titled, “England and Wales August 2015”.  I am very excited to announce that I will be traveling to England and Wales, just over two weeks from now, with an amazing Under 17 team.  The team is made up of four girls and one boy ranging from 14-16 years old.  They will be traveling with myself as coach and manager, and chaperone Alicia.

We will be spending the first two days in London.  We will do some sight-seeing, traveling on the underground, and staying in a cool hostel.  I also booked us a team building session at an Escape Room.  I think this will be really exciting for everyone, and I can’t wait to see how the team works their way through it together.  In case you have not heard of an Escape Room, it was featured on the TV show, Big Bang Theory, this past season.  The team gets locked into a theatrical room, ours will be the Pharaoh’s vault, and the team will have to follow clues to figure out how to get out of the room with an hour time limit.

After London, the plan is to drive to Bristol, England, stopping on our way to see the Uffington White Hose, which is a large etching into the side of a hill with a white caulk base dating back to the bronze age.  Once in Bristol we will do some more sight-seeing and exploring.  Bristol is a rather artsy town, and the home of Banksy, a world-renowned graffiti artist.  This summer Bristol also features Shawn the Sheep, from Wallace and Grommet, statues all over the city.  There are also outdoor nature things to do like a visit to Cheddar Gorge and other landmarks.

After two days in Bristol we are onto Wales, where we will do some sight-seeing, and riding while staying with some friends.  The end of the week will be capped off by taking part in the two-day Welsh Championships at the David Broome Centre in Chepstow, Wales.  This is an amazing opportunity for the team, who will be riding in the Under 17 division, against some really amazing games riders including some of the best in the world.  They will also be able to watch some of the world’s top games riders playing in the Open division.

We will be posting during our trip so check back to this page to follow some of our adventures.  The fun starts the weekend before we leave with a training camp.  Then we shove off August 12th for a whirl wind two weeks.

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