England trip 2016 -day 1 

August 10, 2016 

The team left MA4 on Sunday and went back to Mackenzie’s house for the night where they repacked. Monday morning we all met up and headed to JFK airport to start the trip.  Woo!  

The flights were smooth, and we arrive on time and picked up our big van. Wendi hopped in the drivers seat and we shoved off.  

The team promptly feel asleep while wendi and Krista detoured to the Uffington White Horse, a bronze era massive horse carved into the chalk on the side of a hill.  The excitement was limited when everyone realized their was hill that needed to be climbed to get up above the horse.  Everyone was way too tired to make that climb.  

We hopped back in the van and made a second pit stop for a bite to eat at a quaint pub called The Rose and Crown.  Mackenzie gets the gold star for trying something new – fish pie! The rest of the team played it safe with burgers – lame.  

Getting to the Lockyers was a bit tricky.  The gps let us down and our phone reception was less than spotty.  After quite a bit of circling the area, looking for an “American mailbox” (we were looking for red white and blue) we found a green mailbox that was clearly from the US.  Ah ha!  Sophie and CJ met us and we got settled in and chatted.  

Ron, Chrissy and Emma showed up shortly after us with a new pony and fish and chips for everyone.  After chowinf down the team got to spend some time hanging out with Emma and settled into the Lorry for the night. The adults stays up chatting before calling it night.  

Now let’s look forward to tomorrow and our first full day! 

Good night for now.  

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