Trail Report – Gauley Ridge/Turner Run, just a hack 

February 8, 2017

It’s been a while since I have posted a trail report.  I have been trail riding, just not posting.  But this evening I was looking back at a trail report and started to get excited about trails I had forgotten about.  Which inspired me to start recording them again. 

Yesterday the weather was amazing. Seriously it hit 70 freakin degrees. So what does an unemployed horse girl do on a week day in February with 70 degree weather. She hits the trails.  

It’s been a while since I hit up the Turner Run. The drive in was simple and easy, and I pulled into the parking area at the top of Gauley Run and found it trashed. A ripped up couch and – no joke here – Pieces of hog strewn about. Yep, hog parts. Who the flip does that? 3 giant hog heads laying out in the parking area? Not ok.  

So I parked, took a few pics with my phone for proof, and then hacked out.  

Simon and I were feeling chill so we took out time and did a little “refreshing” of the area. It’s been so long I needed to remember where I was.  

We went down the right hand, Daves Turnpike trail (closed gate in the back of camping area to the right side of the road). Nice views.  

We took the top road on the way back. It’s marked on the FS map, google maps, tracking apps, etc. this was surprisingly clear. There were a few ehh spots but not many and I was actually surprised.   

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  1. Great Ride! Gross Hog Heads!


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