Trail Report: Edinburg Gap 12/22/19

December 25, 2019

Jenny and I met back up at Edinburg Gap. Our significant others brought their dirt bikes and took a tour of the area while we rode out.

We parked at the East if the two parking lots, this is the one with the big loop and the toilet. We decided to check out the chaotic looming area of mush mashed trails to the right on the map (all the 553 trails).

We had limited time for this ride because of a pending afternoon appointment so we could not run over. We also met up with the guys a little ways into the ride and spent a bit of time chatting, which killed some more of our time.

Like last time we rode out on 493 at the bottom of the parking lot, crossed the creek, and this time we made a left onto 494. This trail co ti yes to be pretty dang rocky and ride along the woods parallel to the road and meets up with the trails at the other parking area, the 553 trails.

Although it’s rocky getting over there, with lots of nice big icy puddles to navigate, once to the other side the trails are nice and smooth and pretty wide. Some areas were plenty wide for four wheelers to pass each other. We zipped around here for a bit, mostly checking the area out.

E headed back a tiny bit early, not wanting to risk being late. The trail 494 connecting the shirt part of 493 that connects the two parking areas took us about 15-20 minutes to navigate on the horses.

There were some bridges to cross. But no big climbs or big hills.

Another lovely ride.

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