Day 9 – Moving to Next Gen Champs – International Trip 2019

August 16, 2019

I posted yesterday’s blog before the night fully closed out and we must relay the before bed popcorn experience. The team *needed* popcorn and although Abby F brought microwave popcorn, our camper does not have a microwave. Mikayla improvised and made popcorn on the stove with assistance by Abby F.

Nothing burned and the camper smelled super yummy. And there was a happy team of popcorn eaters.

We woke up today to a light drizzle and time to clean up and pack up for our most exciting move of the trip.

“I love pickles” – Mikayla

After leaving the individuals show ground we went to Harley Equestrian tack store.

Then we hit up the grocery store before arriving at the gorgeous Dallas Burston grounds.

Everyone has been telling us how nice this place is and they are not kidding. It is amazing.

We had tacos in the camper for dinner and a LOT of loud laughs.

Mikayla and Abby R went next door to hang out with the Dixon’s while Carly and I Tidied up and the other girls entertained us. And one of Krista’s really good old friends, Richard, popped in for a quick hello at the camper and gave us all an opportunity for some puppy lovin with his pooch Bilbo. But all in all it was an early night for this camp.

Tomorrow is the first day we will have a schedule during this trip requiring us to get up and get going. We are all so excited for it too. We have our briefing at 830 and then meet our ponies and then play some games! Check back with us tomorrow for all of the excitement.

Day 8 – Spectating – International Trip 2019

August 15, 2019

Today we spent the day watching world individuals. We got to see some amazing riding from a variety of countries. The team helped with arena party for our USA friends Joe, Kaja, and Jaycee and we also cheered on our Canadian friends Lily and Jesse.

We made a new friend who is also moving over to the Next Generation Championships tomorrow to compete! She has even kindly offered us the use of one of their ponies, Charlie.






Our new friend Poppy rode her final and then let us hop on her pony Charlie for a few minutes to get a feel. Mikayla and Abby R took turns and both found him lovely.

We are getting more and more excited for our competition this weekend!

Tonight Abby R and Jesse made dinner, Chicken nuggets and salad.

We finished the day up with a stroll on the cross country course and some social time.

Tomorrow we move over to our competition! That’s when the real excitement begins!

Day 7 – On the Road Again – International Trip 2019

August 14, 2019

Today was another day of travel. This time back to England and to World Individuals. We have a couple friends riding that we want to cheer on and a few other friends we are excited to see.

We arrived around 430 to a nice muddy field and met up with Amy and Garrin.

We also met up with our USA friends and chatted with Patti, Wendi, Bonnie and Todd while Kaja, Jaycee, and Joe had a practice on their ponies.

Mikayla was team chef and made us all some pasta for dinner.

Followed by Abby F making everyone hot chocolate.

Then we goofed around and did a little dancing. You can’t quite tell but it’s Abby R, Jesse, and Amy.

We all laughed until pretty late before deciding to get some sleep.

Interesting note – Abby R is our team engineer and is taking care of all the camper needs. She’s been a real champ. We have dubbed her “team dad”.

Everyone is doing an excellent job pulling their weight, doing chores, cleaning up after their own self and each other, and being fun and considerate.

And tomorrow, our adventure continues.

Day 6 – Northern Wales – International Trip 2019

August 13, 2019

We woke up in gorgeous northern Wales today. It was our first night’s sleep in the caravan and I was surprised at how comfortable it was, compared to previous caravans. although the seating for hanging out and eating sort of sucks.

We started the day with some breakfast.

And then we went for a walk on the beach. There were giant jellyfish all over the beach. Super cool

Next we did some regrouping, prepped for laundry, ate lunch, and stopped by the campground playground.

This campground is lovely. Really comfortable and pretty. And beach sounds. Oh and the drinking water tastes amazing. It’s the small things.

Carly took the team on a walk along the beach to a cute stone town and spent the afternoon exploring.

Then back for showers, sorting clean laundry, dinner and a movie before bed as an evening shower rolled in.

Day 5 – Going to Wales – International Trip 2019

August 12, 2019

Today was a moving day.

After an amazing nights sleep and a killer breakfast at the Jury Inn, we headed out.

We drove north to Manchester, dropped off the van and picked up the caravan. Then we hit Tesco for groceries and supplies before driving to the coast of Northern Wales. It did start to rain about one minute after we crossed into Wales from England.

After a few hours of tedious driving (narrow roads, hedges, wide caravan, twists, cars parked practically in the road) we arrived at our camp ground just before dark. The staff that met us were so friendly and helpful and helped us get parked and plugged in with lots of laughs and smiles.

We rearranged our baggage, set up our beds, and had some dinner with lots of chatting and laughing before we decided to call it for the day. Tomorrow we shall adventure!

Ps. There is basically no phone service here so this will post when we get better service.

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