Day 5 – Stonehenge – International Trip 2019

August 11, 2019

Today was mainly a travel day but we still had some adventures along the way.

We left London, picked up a rental van, and drove away from the city and to Stonehenge! You can’t be so close to one of the Wonders of the World without swinging by to check it off your bucket list!

We spent a while there exploring all of the educational displays and looking at the big old rocks.

The weather was great, cool and breezy but with sun. We had a few rain spits during the day but the actual rain held off until the later afternoon when we just had to drive.

We had planned to go to Wadswick tack store after Stonehenge but we ran out of time and will have to fit it into a later part of the trip. Instead, when we finished at Stonehenge we headed to the hotel. Yep, we get to stay in an actual hotel for a night! We are super pleased with how nice it is since we got such an amazing price on it. And the best part, it has an indoor pool.

We got in a swim and hot tub sit and then grabbed dinner before bed.

Tomorrow is another big day of travel. We are off to drop off the van and pick up our camper and then head to Snowdonia in northern Wales! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Day 4 – London – International Trip 2019

August 10, 2019

This is our last full day in London and is going to be extra cool.

Today we are splitting into two groups. The Harry Potter fans and the not Harry Potter fans.

The first group is Jesse, Mikayla, Abby R and Krista.

The second group is Sadie, Abby F and Carly.

Since the play – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – is a more dressy occasion we had some makeup sessions to go with the dressier clothes.

Everyone was a good sport and laughed through the experience.

Made up ladies.

And off we went on our respective trips.

The Harry Potter crew.

Before the first show started.

That’s Abby and Mikayla before the first show started.

The stage at the end of the first show.

Our dinner was subpar so we got ice cream.

The stage before the second show started.

Everyone loves the show. It was amazing. Mikayla said it was “a thousand times better than I even expected! In the second show the twists came in and I was yelling the whole time!”

The London Experience crew.

This crew walked 14 miles and went up 59 flights of steps.

Carly’s shirt is actually one color. The two tone is sweat! They hoofed it!

They came across this cool art set up where anyone could draw with chalk.

They waited for it to get dark so they could see the tower bridge lit up.

They also did the London bridge experience and the haunted house. I am told it was super scary and Carly was the tail of the line with scary people coming up behind her.

They also did the Museum of London, broke into a ports pot, and got blisters on their feet. Sadie claims her feet are swollen and I gather that Carly walked them literally out of their shoes today. Now that I think about it, it is actually pretty quiet in here.

All in all it was a great day for all. And tomorrow we depart the city! Woo!

Day 3 – London – International Trip 2019

August 9, 2019

After a quick breakfast we went for a wonder about town and hit up the market again.

Then we had a little grooming session

Abby did a fantastic job trimming up Mikayla’s hair. How pretty.

A little time spent in the chill out room at the hostel.

Next we planned to do the Jack the Ripper walking tour but we made the mistake of waiting u til a few hours before the tour to purchase tickets and it was sold out.

Fortunately it started to down pour and the tour would have sucked. So we went for a nice sit down dinner as consolation.

And here are is a snap of our current digs.

Pub downstairs, hostel upstairs.

Now we are planning out tomorrow’s outings. It is our last day in London and we are splitting up and doing two separate adventures. We have tickets to both outings purchased and are mapping out our travel routes now.

Keep following us as our adventures continue!

Day 2 – London – International Trip 2019

August 8, 2019

After a quick breakfast at our hostel we walked a few blocks to hop on a roof top bus tour.

This is a sign in our hostel from the hostel section to the pub section. I’m loving this hostel.

We did a little sign seeing on our way to the bus.

We hopped on and off a few times.

The horse kept grabbing at Carly’s backpack.

We had to eat.

Pub food.

Sadie got the wings.

Back on the bus

This is the tower bridge.

Tower bridge

When we made it back we went for bubble waffles for dinner. #worthit

We made a quick stop at Pound Land. I attempted to video the self check out which was voiced by Yoda. But I sick at phone video and it was a complete fail.

And we are back to our room to relax and get an early bedtime tonight.

Day 1 – London – International Trip 2019

August 7, 2019

We landed!

Some underground trains and a little walking and we arrived at our hostel, St Christopher’s. It was too early to check in but they were kind enough to let us leave our bags and we were off for a surprisingly amazing breakfast at Music and Beans just down the street.

Next we went out on a stroll around the neighborhood.

Next we visited the Camden Market. There are tons of artists selling their crafts and endless things to looks at. The food smells amazing. This market just goes on and on and on. One section is called “The Stable” and I suspect it was an old stable. Super neat.

We were all about to drop and it was getting close to check in so we headed back to our Hostel and made it into our room. Initial impression; awesome. There are plugs at the head of each bed for charging and lights, we have our own bathroom in our room, and the mattresses are way better than previous hostels I have stayed in. Once we picked beds and sat down it got quiet real fast.

Here is the view from my bunk while I type this.

Nap time.

And then out for a traditional fish and chips (with a shared side of mushy peas) at Poppie’s. So good. Everyone ate their plates nearly clean.

Then back to the hostel for showers and bed.

While the girls showered Carly and I slipped down to the pub for a drink and a relaxing chat.

Tomorrow the adventure continues.

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